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Main Activities of Carisma4U


  • How We Began

    In 2015, a quest began to answer the question for African youth: how can we connect learning in STEM to the real world for children, educators and parents? Adetola Salau PhD (In View) founded Carisma4U with the intent to answer this question which resonated deeply for her. Carisma4U dwells on creating revolutionary learning strategies for African children. Carisma4U’s interactive hands on programs with educators and educational support staff is thorough. It’s truly LEARNING BY DOING.

  • Learning by Doing

    Carisma4U Educational Foundation is dedicated to refining education by promoting learning via project and problem based learning. Children can’t get enough of it. Making learning relevant is a real ordeal: our goal is to enhance for every educator and every student. Teachers are critical to the learning process. We are proud to work with them in every way to make a difference in the future prosperity of Africa.

We are an international Social Enterprise registered both in Nigeria and the United States.