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Partner with  Us to Revolutionize Learning in Africa to Build Future Readiness for African children.

How Do You Partner with Us?”

By deciding to partner with us, together we empower a generation of children who can solve our local problems in Africa and become Global innovators.

Our partners directly support our work in a number of ways. Carisma4U partners:

  • Offer expertise to join us to enrich our STEM curriculum;
  • Increase student access to Carisma4U STEM programs and unrivaled professional development for teachers;
  • Fund Carisma4U programs and provide classroom equipment and supplies;
  • Become STEM ambassadors to clarify STEM careers for our students and teachers into their companies to see careers firsthand;
  • Offer mentoring, and internships opportunities;
  • Advocate for and recommend Carisma4U agenda in communities and with policymakers.

Why Partner with Us?”

Our partners not only make a difference in the lives of K-12 students and teachers; they also see a return on their social investment. Our partners are directly contributing to the future readiness of their workforce. This guarantees that the graduates that will be available in the years to come would have conceptual understanding and STEM skills such as problem-solving, critical- and creative-thinking, collaboration, and communication skills they need to succeed.   

Additionally, we make sure that our partners have the opportunity to connect with Carisma4U students, teachers, and school leaders. We recognize our partners and the victory stories they help produce through a diversity of marketing and public relations campaigns.

Become a Carisma4U Partner

If you’re interested in joining other companies and organizations. supporting our mission of boosting future readiness, please complete the Carisma4U Partnership Interest Form below. Once the form is submitted, we’ll reach out to discuss partnership opportunities for your organization and Carisma4U.

    We are an international Social Enterprise registered both in Nigeria and the United States.