Re -inventing learning

We engage and inspire the development of the continent’s future intellectual capital through the adoption of STEM— Learning By Doing.

Creating Future Readiness across Africa

Carisma4U Educational Foundation is a social innovation enterprise that was founded in 2015 with a focus on breaking the poverty cycle in Nigeria and Africa at large by equipping African children with highly competitive STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) skills essential for the fourth industrial revolution job market.

Own current project “C4UVerse” are STEM hubs where children, teachers and parents will be engaged in hands on workshops both online and offline that boost 21st century skills to prepare African children for the future of work.

Result of our Work

As a result of our work, children are engaged in quality education that is relevant and applicable.

Innovative Thinkers

Making them radical and innovative thinkers. We desire to create a STEM pipeline of over 2,000,000 students by 2030 that will eradicate Africa’s challenges.

Support our International Organization

We are an international organization, registered both in America and in Nigeria.

Create STEM Warriors


  • We expand our reach through strategic partnerships
  • We produce resources for advancing equity in STEM education in Africa
  • We contribute to improving infrastructure in STEM in Africa
  • We provide tools and training to develop new research-practice partnerships (RPPS)
[ucaddon_uc_starter_statistics icon_bg=”#790b8e” icon=”fa fa-calendar” heading=”50+”]STEM Inspirational Events partaken in [/ucaddon_uc_starter_statistics]
[ucaddon_uc_starter_statistics icon_bg=”#790b8e” icon=”fa fa-cubes” heading=”1,500″] Families directly/indirectly impacted [/ucaddon_uc_starter_statistics]
[ucaddon_uc_starter_statistics icon_bg=”#790b8e” icon=”fa fa-bar-chart-o” heading=”1500+”] Teachers Trained onsite & offsite [/ucaddon_uc_starter_statistics]
[ucaddon_uc_starter_statistics icon_bg=”#790b8e” icon=”fa fa-print” heading=”2,500″]Resources/Printed Materials Distributed[/ucaddon_uc_starter_statistics]
[ucaddon_uc_starter_statistics icon_bg=”#790b8e” icon=”fa fa-child” heading=”300,000″]Children impacted to date[/ucaddon_uc_starter_statistics]
[ucaddon_uc_starter_statistics icon_bg=”#790b8e” icon=”fa fa-building-o” heading=”75+”]Schools impacted across Nigeria & Benin Republic[/ucaddon_uc_starter_statistics]
Carisma4U’s current projects show that we love ideas that are outside the box!

Innovative, results driven activities are our trademark.

Online LearningWe offer engaging online courses for children and educators.View sample courses
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